Posting our letters

To our family and friends,

Today we walked to the post box to post our letters home. These letters are about our learning with Mrs Johnston. On our way to the post box it was very snowy and windy and we all got a bit cold!

When we got to the post box we were all very excited to see that the post man was also there. The post man was very friendly and he showed us his van, his bag and box with letters in and he also showed us what a post box looks like inside. The post man told us where our letters would go to before the arrive at home for our Mummys and Daddys.









Love from Class 1 EC


2 thoughts on “Posting our letters

  1. Hello Class of 1ec

    Well done to all for writing your letters and making it through the wind and snow to the letter box, i think you were all very brave. I am looking forward to my letter.


    Nyla (Zakray’s mum)

  2. How fantastic to actually meet the postman at the postbox! Hopefully your parents will enjoy reading about the facts you now know. Thank you for being such a wonderful class to learn with. Mrs J

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